Applying Binding To Your Quilt

Your quilt is not finished until the binding is on. We can bind your quilt for you if you desire. You supply the fabric. It will be sewn to the front of the quilt with mitered corners and slip-stitched to the backing.

Please provide cotton fabric of your choice for the binding according to the following chart

  • Twin or smaller 1/2 yard
  • Full 2/3 yard
  • Queen 3/4 yard
  • King 7/8 yard

Preparation of binding

  • Cut fabric in 2 3/4″ strips and sew together end for end, cutting off the selvage.
  • We have included binding directions below for you to use to attach your binding correctly.

Binding Charges

Stitch to front of quilt only (you hand stitch to the back) $1.00 per linear foot
Stitch to front and hand slip-stitch to back $2.25 per linear foot
Prepare binding (cut fabric, sew strips together, and press) $15.00

Applying Binding

Before attaching the binding, it is necessary to trim the backing and batting level with the quilt top and to also check that all corners are squared. Sometimes the quilt can become distorted during the quilting stage. Lay the quilt, right side up on a smooth, flat surface. Ease the cutting mat under the quilt. Using the long ruler and rotary cutter, trim any excess batting and backing fabric even quilt the quilt top. I usually check the border straightness with the edge and average the ruler straight to that and cut the edge of sandwich even. Work around the quilt, checking that the corners of the quilt are 90 degrees.

The finished binding, as seen from the front of the quilt, is usually 1/2″. To get the circumference measurement of the quilt, measure the quilt’s width and length through the quilts center, then double this measurement. Strips are cut across the width of the binding fabric. Cut enough strips to obtain the required length of binding plus 20″.

  • Cut 2 3/4″ to 3″ wide strips. Remove selvage edges and sew together lengthwise.
  • Fold and press in half with wrong sides together.
  • Line up the raw edges of the folded binding with the raw edges of the quilt in the middle of one side.
  • Use a walking foot attachment and regular thread on top and in the bobbin to match the binding.
  • Begin stitching 4″ from the end of the binding.
  • Sew with 10 stitches per inch or 3.0 to 3.5.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We would be glad to help. We also offer beginner quilting and sewing classes from time to time so check back again to see which ones are being offered.